Adult Education Programs


We believe SCES is a "Lleqmellcw", meaning a place where we learn

Mission Statement

The First Nations Access to University Trades and Technology (FNAUTT) and Secwepemc Adult General Education (SAGE) Programs offer essential courses for Aboriginal learners to gain knowledge and skills that support cultural identity and self-reliance while providing the opportunity for entrance into post-secondary education and future employment.

Adult Ed Grads of 2013

SCES Adult Education’s Graduating Class 2013

Front Row: left to right Raini Gardipy, Samara Porter

Back Row: left to right Relissa Leonard, Myron Thomas, Jesse Ironstand, Lilly Gottfriedson, Bobby Paul, Marilyn Char, Cassandra Adolph

Missing: Remous Billyboy, Shane Boyd, Natasha Boyd and Katrina Jensen


1. To raise each student's educational level for entry into vocational training or further post-secondary education.

2. To provide each student with the opportunity to develop skills and attitudes which will enhance his/her ability to become an independent, contributing member of society.

3. To provide an opportunity for students to develop pride as First Nations people.

Philosophy Statement

We believe that education should promote, perpetuate and strengthen our culture and language as well as prepare students for entrance to college/university

We believe that education should provide our students with teachings, experiences and values which will develop personal qualities of self-reliance, cooperation, generosity, honesty, and respect for others and the environment.

We believe that education is a preparation for total living. It should provide knowledge and skills in reading, writing, listening, critical thinking, problem solving, and mediating. It should address the physical, social, psychological, spiritual, and academic needs of the students.

We believe that the responsibility for education belongs to the student.

We believe that First Nations should have the juridiction of the education they will provide for their people.

Brief Description of Program

The Adult Education Program has been in operation since SCES's inception in 1983. The adult education programs are designed to promote self-reliance and an understanding of First Nations culture while maintaining high academic standards. Counselling, tutoring, and career preparation are available to assist students in overcoming barriers and to ensure a positive educational experience.

SAGE, one of our two adult education programs, is a two year program designed for those students who are assessed between grades nine and eleven and who do not have a provincial Dogwood certificate.

The FNAUTT program is designed to meet the needs of First Nations adults who are planning to enter university, trades, or technology career programs. FNAUTT integrates academic upgrading, and Secwepemc language, history, and culture with career and personal planning.

Statement of Need:

The adult education program not only originated from the concerns stated below, but still continues to address the very same First Nations student needs. They are as follows:

  • meet entrance requirements and prerequisites for post-secondary studies;
  • complete or receive a passing grade in courses and programs at the post-secondary level;
  • assistance in transitioning from secondary school to mainstream post-secondary institutes;
  • assistance for mapping out the necessary academic courses required to complete certificate, diploma, or degree programs; and
  • increase knowledge of own First Nations history, culture and language and its relevance to success in higher education.

The Adult Ed. programs administer the Canadian Achievement Test (CAT), as a method of screening and placement, since 1984. Results indicate that 67% of students tested at a SAGE I (grades 8-10) or SAGE II (grads 11-12) level, the remaining 33% tested at a college preparation level. This indicates the need for a continued bridging program for First Nations people wanting to pursue higher education.

SCES offers education programs for First Nations adults that support and show respect for the student, their culture and values. We providing quality academic training that will prepare the student emotionally, intellectually, and academically for further post-secondary studies in college, university or trades program.

Program Objectives

The Adult Ed. program is designed to meet the needs of First Nations adults who are planning to enter university, trades, and technology career programs. The ten month program runs from September to June each year. Learning strategies and study skills are integrated into the course curriculum. Each participant is also assisted with personal assessment, educational and career planning, and personal counselling and referral.

The goals of the adult education programs growth plan are to:

  • raise each student's educational level for entry into vocational training or further post-secondary training;
  • prepare students for success in future post-secondary education through targeted academic programming;
  • support students in building self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence;
  • promote and preserve Secwepemc language, history, and culture by incorporating First Nations content into the curriculum; and
  • encourage students to be active members of their communities.

Student Eligibility and Admission Requirements:

Students are recruited/ referred to Adult Ed. from a variety of sources, including SCES’ 13 member bands and other Secwepemc bands, Kamloops Aboriginal Employment Services, and other Aboriginal organizations in the Kamloops area. Students must meet the following admissions requirements in order to enroll in the adult education programs:

  • be 19 years of age or older;
  • have been out of school for at least two years;
  • receive a Canadian Achievement Test score at or above the Grade 8 level; and
  • commit to full-time attendance for the duration of the program.

Our program is fully accredited and functions on a semester system. All classes are held at the SCES Adult Education offices in North Kamloops. Classes are offered from 8:45am to 3:15pm, Monday through Friday.

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Secwepemc General Adult Education (SAGE)

This program is for those applicants who score between grades ten and eleven and do not have a Dogwood Certificate. This is a two-year program with students working for ten months each year on the following:

Year 1 Year 2
Composition 11 Composition 12
Math 040/Math 050 Math 040/050
Social Studies 11 Social Studies 11
FNLG 050 FNLG 060

* Secwepemc Language may be taken in either the first or second year. Upon completion of this program students will receive their Adult Dogwood Certificate.

Class size is limited to 15 students.

First Nations Access to University, Trades and Technology (FNAUTT)

The following activities will be undertaken in the 2010-2011 year:

Fall Semester(Sept.-Dec.) Winter Semester (Jan. – Apr.)

Summer Semester (May-June)

MATH 040/050/051

MATH 040/050/051

MATH 040/050/051

ENGL 050 ENGL 060 ENGL 050/060
FNLG 050 (Secwepemc Language) FNLG 060 (Secwepemc Language)  
SINC 050 (Foundations Science) BIOL 060/062  
Social Science 060 First Nations Studies 060  

*CAPPA 12 (Education Development and Career Planning) is also a required course for all FNAUTT students; however, it is not accredited through TRU.


The adult education programs are staffed by two instructors (one part-time, one full-time). In addition to the two instructors, the school has employed one part-time receptionist at 2 days per week and one full-time Counsellor. Sustaining these positions is dependent on annual funding from other related sources.

The school is administered by SCES's Adult Education Department, coordinated by Janice Michel, Education Coordinator. Like all SCES Departments, the Adult Education Department is overseen by the Executive Director of SCES who works with staff to implement the policy and procedures outlined by the Board of Directors.

You can reach SCES Adult Education program:

Janice Michel
Adult Education Program Coordinator
Secwepemc Cultural Education Society
274A Halston Connector Rd
Kamloops, BC
V2H 1J9
Phone: (250)376-0903
Fax: (250)376-2133


Courses offered are registered by Private Career Training Institute Agency of British Columbia(PCTIA) license, or accredited by South Central Interior Distance Education School and Thompson Rivers University.