Metéltwecw-kt Es Knúcwetwecw-kt
"Everyone come together to help one another."

​​​Secwepemc Cultural Education Society

Secwepmec Education Training Centre


SCES Management and Administrative Structure

The management structure of the Secwepemc Cultural Education Society consists of an eight member board of directors: a representative appointed by each of the Secwepemc member bands with a BCR plus a representative of the Secwepemc Elders Council.

Of these members, a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and director-at-large comprise the board executive, and are elected to take responsibility for decisions related to the direction of SCES, policy development, approval and evaluation of programs, and consultation with Secwepemc bands and the Secwepemc Elders Council.

Member bands and their representatives are as follows:

Board Executive:

President Chief Michael Archie, Canim Lake Band
Vice President Councillor Heather McKenzie, Williams Lake
Treasurer Councillor Cara Basil, Bonaparte Indian Band
Secretary Chief Larry Fletcher, High Bar First Nation

Board of Directors:

       Band                                       Appointee                     Phone Number                             Email Address

Adams Lake Indian Band                                                     (250) 679-8841  

Bonaparte Indian Band                  Cara Basil                      (250) 457-9624

Canim Lake Band                          Mike Archie                    (250) 397-2227

Canoe Creek Band                        Patrick Harry                  (250) 440-5645        

Tk'emlups Indian Band                  Viola Thomas                 (250) 828-9700

Little Shuswap Indian Band                                                  (250) 679-3702 

Neskonlith Indian Band                 Judy Wilson                    (250) 679-3295

Simpcw Indian Band                     Tom Eustache                 (250) 672-9995

Soda Creek Indian Band                                                      (250) 989-2323

Shuswap Indian Band                                                          (778) 471-8200

Skeetchestn Indian Band              Terry Deneault                (250)- 373-0088

Splatsin First Nation                      Edna Felix                      (250) 838-6496

Williams Lake Indian Band            Heather McKenzie         (250) 296-3507

Esketmc Indian Band                                                           (250) 440-5611       

Whispering Pines Indian Band                                             (250) 579-5772

High Bar First Nation                     Larry Fletcher                 (250) 459-2117