Metéltwecw-kt Es Knúcwetwecw-kt
"Everyone come together to help one another."

​​​Secwepemc Cultural Education Society

Secwepmec Education Training Centre


Shuswap Declaration: to work in Unity on Shuswap Language, History and Culture

The following Shuswap Bands representing the Shuswap Nations declare to work in unity to:
Preserve and Record Perpetuate and Enhance our Shuswap Language, History and culture by:

  • Collecting and recording the memoirs of our Elders.
  • Recording and documenting the Shuswap Language to the fullest possible extent.
  • Researching documents, records, books and notes on the use and management, in the pre-colonial eras, of land and resources.
  • Facilitating the collection and displaying of contemporary and historic artifacts and archival materials.
  • Initiating and promoting projects directed towards the collection and preservation of contemporary documents resulting in and reflecting modern Shuswap developments.
  • Developing a curriculum project that imparts to, primarily, Shuswap students practical technological knowledge, Shuswap history, culture and language.
  • Establishing a working committee, answerable to the Bands represented here, to initiate and carry out the mandate outlined above and to secure appropriate funding.

                                                                                                   Signed by the 17 Shuswap Bands on August 20, 1982
                                                                              Reaffirmed at the Shuswap Gathering, Squilax, on August 14, 2005