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"Everyone come together to help one another."

Project Management Course

Life Skills Facilitator Program

​​​Secwepemc Cultural Education Society

Secwepmec Education Training Centre


Education / Training Assessments and Planning

Career Assessments Planning Programs

The Education/ Training Assessments & Planning Program offers a service for  clients to do education and training assessments that will provide profile information and recommendations for future education and training planning. Assessment Strategies will include:

  • Job interest, Career types and Personality Inventories that will identify strengths, suitability, and training required.
  • Academic Assessments that will provide grade levels or education planning.
  • Planning for volunteer or work experience opportunities.
  • Learner Profile that will summarize assessments and provide recommendations for next steps for education or training for employment
  • 15 week full time course being delivered June 4 to August 2018, and again in Fall 2018
  • Presenting strategy towards:
  1. ​Self-determination and Personal Power
  2. Transitions-Goal Setting/ Visioning
  3. Problem Solving/ Conflict Resolutions
  4. Building on Cultural Strengths
  5. Leadership Skills
  6. Project Management

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Presenting a 5 day course where you will achieve the skills to implement project Management in your desired field of interest.

What you will learn:

  • ​​Outline a project scope
  • Developing a work plan
  • Implement planning steps
  • Budgeting and staffing