Metéltwecw-kt Es Knúcwetwecw-kt
"Everyone come together to help one another."


The Secwepemc people originally had 13 months, or moons as they are called.

The calendar months are determined by activities of each month, growing season and each division of the Shuswap has their own kinds of activities therefore, the calendar differs slightly in each community. (Verified by the late Amy August of the Neskonlith Band).

Seasonal activities were identified by birds or insects before the written calendar. At the first chirp or signal of a certain migratory bird or insect, activities such as berry picking or fishing would begin. Certain birds sang their song when the soapberry ripened for instance or the yellowjacket (bee) buzzed about when the salmon arrived in the rivers and streams.

The Secwepemc have always known their seasonal calendar and their survival over thousands of years indicated that they were correct in their knowledge of the seasonal round of activities. (As told by Kye'7e Sulye'n of Skeetchestn).

Secwepemc Wisdom: